WalMart Saturation

wm99Walmart’s empire has gotten about as big as it ever will. [This] announcement convinced me: NORMAN, Okla., Aug. 7, 2013 – Walmart will open a new Neighborhood Market Wednesday, Aug. 14, after a brief ribbon-cutting ceremony at 7:30 a.m. The new store, approximately one-quarter the size of a Walmart Supercenter, is located at 3571 W. Rock Creek Road at the intersection of 36th Avenue NW. and Rock Creek Road and is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The new store will provide local customers with a new, convenient option for their grocery shopping needs, including fresh produce and pharmacy services…

I don’t mind this store going up in my neighborhood unlike many others. There are worse things to have and they planted a bunch of trees so it looks nice. It will also provide employment to locals whether the store makes a profit or not. Not a proponent of the growth meme but still…

Here’s the thing, even though this store is nearby Walmart as a whole will receive very little marginal gross revenue from me. Any large sales will come at the expense of something I would have purchased from another of their locations. Small stuff doesn’t amount to a hill of beans.

There was a discussion over at insidethehive about the evils of WalMart. Sure, the mutant overlords bear much of the responsibility for the decline of this country but we each contribute our own small bit with every bad decision we make. Walmart didn’t force this country to eat crap food. They didn’t force us to become intellectually lazy or physically sedentary. Most of us could get by on half our daily intake of processed food. I know I could.

There are a ton of grocery stores going up around here. “They” think “they” have Americans over a barrel when it comes to food prices but nothing could be further from the truth. Even without gardening or fishing or whatever a ten pound bag of spuds costs the same as a ten ounce bag of chips. Cutting back on crap is the healthy choice, NOT the matter of survival it was during the evolutionary struggle. As for all the made in China trinkets the same holds true. Last week I went on a diet and bought nothing from them. It is a matter of slowly changing our habits on a micro-economic scale if we want to effect broad changes to the status quo.

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Be Careful

Deathmobile-Animal-HouseSchool will be starting soon. Hopefully the kids will take their noses out of their phones long enough to learn something. Hopefully the schools have something worthwhile to teach them. Hopefully drivers will take their ears and noses out of their phones so that they can avoid hitting the children and young adults who have their noses in their phones. Whether you are driving, bicycling, or walking please be diligent for the safety of others.

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Blog Horizons

As are most readers of Dung Heap I am well aware of the trouble in the world. Over the past eight years my blogging became bitter and venomous even though I have no reason to feel that way personally. Knowledge has a way of doing that. This is the reason I appreciate so much the direction Kitty has taken this blog.

When everything seems bad I go visiting other blogs with a positive outlook. Dung Heap is one of those places. Since my therapy is still ongoing I will share some from what I find in my interweb travels that is lighthearted, kind, and upbeat. Mammoth has promised to share what he has to offer as well in order to keep this blog going. Between us we plan to post something new once a week, either late Sunday or early Monday.

We hope you are well Kitty.

Here is the link so you can enjoy the entire post:

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Train wreck

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Mammoth’s new purchase! A 1967 Pontiac Tempest Station Wagon!

HeadlightDoor_Pass_1_Resized ?????????? Congrats Mammoth! Great purchase!

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1900: Piegan encampment

Swept away

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Zombie versus baby….

zombie-vs-baby Nothing more needs to be said…

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