PrezO claims that Ebola is “hard to catch”,  why then is it that Liberians do not shake hands or hug in public anymore?

Why, if Ebola is “not airborne” as the cdc claims, do all four usa Ebola hospitals use negative pressure containment for patients while doctors wear full “moon suits”?

Why, if it isn’t really all that contagious, is it that there are only 11 qualified beds in the entire country?

Why, if everything is under control in the usa, is there an msm Ebola news blackout mere days after the appointment of an Ebola Czar who doesn’t even go to meetings? Is he the STFU about it CZAR?

Why, after publicizing the names of Pham and Vinson, that all of a sudden the gubbermint is concerned about patient confidentiality?

Why does the U.S. military plan to create an emergency response team of infectious disease doctors, nurses and trainers to help in the event of an Ebola crisis in the United States? The usa military? Really? Does that mean that the cdc is as useless as tits on a bull?

Why do I suspect that new cases will be reported only after the November 4, 2014 national elections?

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No Quarantine?

The fictional character Vito Corleone in The Godfather was quarantined on Ellis Island due to smallpox. Dogs and cats are routinely quarantined when they travel abroad. However, authorities roundly refuse to quarantine people traveling from Ebola hotspots. Why? Their arguments make no sense unless they want to spread the disease. By their actions world health authorities appear to care more about our pets than they do about us.

[Mexico and Belize] care more about their people than the usa does. In fact, [dozens] of countries are more prudent than the usa. The [evil usa president], cdc, and who disseminate lies about how the disease is spread and repeatedly [underplay] the infection hazard. Ebola isn’t hepatitis, as much as they might want you to believe that. Ebola is a hideous disease and panic is the correct response even if it turns out to be an overblown reaction. The only thing Owebomba cares about is that you spend your clownbux while he allows unfettered immigration to kill as many as possible.

Look at how experts dress when they deal with Ebola. They wear airtight moon suits with special breathing filters. If you want to know the truth go by what they do, not what they say. I call for an all out boycott of travel and extraneous spending. I plan to only buy necessities, and especially to stock up on tp, it is my go-to survival instinct which served me well in the weeks leading up to Y2K. Avoid other people as much as possible until this thing is over, which may be many years. The gubbermint is trying to contaminate as many [hospitals] and medical personnel as possible while isolating the entire healthy usa populace within their own homes. Call it a retard quarantine, by a retard gubbermint. Keep a low profile. /edgar

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Do You Feel Lucky?

screenCheck out the guy in the picture at right:







Then check out Dr. Weinstein: weinstein

Not only does Dr. Weinstein get paid 100X as much, but he gets the full moon suit. $19/hr? Don’t make me laugh. Not for 10X that much, not for 100X that much. Funny he should have such a silly breathing filter since it’s not airborne.

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An Overabundance of BS

From the [WHO]:

Ebola then spreads through human-to-human transmission via direct contact (through broken skin or mucous membranes) with the blood, secretions, organs or other bodily fluids of infected people, and with surfaces and materials (e.g. bedding, clothing) contaminated with these fluids.

These are not necessarily lies, but they are purposely not telling people the whole story. Note that the who and cdc never come out and say how long Ebola can survive on surfaces in a dried drop of blood or saliva? People with late stage Ebola produce a lot of fluids. I read that contaminated material was stacked to the ceiling at Dallas Presbyterian in the last few days of Duncan’s life. imo that hospital will be contaminated for months after the last Ebola patient leaves/dies. The cdc also doesn’t explain why they use negative pressure containment at their facilities if Ebola isn’t airborne. Why bother? The truth is they aren’t willing to bet their lives on it, just ours.

Daily we see people decontaminating cars, they even stripped the interior of one of the planes Amber Vinson rode in down to bare metal. People aren’t stupid. They see this going on and then hear officials say that it is impossible to catch ebola from public transport. Clearly it is not impossible or these measures would not be taken all over the world. usa officals think the american public is gullible because they let so many lies slide. However, when it comes to health concerns people want the whole truth, they want to make up their own minds what the risks may be. Lying and downplaying forces all of us to assume that it is really, really, bad.

Everyone knows that planes are germ factories, that the interior of cabins are filthy and crowded. We all know that our chances of getting a communicable disease go way up when we travel. Telling us that Ebola is different from every other bug and that it poses no threat whatsoever sets off our bullshit detector. It would be better from a public health and airline travel perspective if everyone did overreact for awhile. What is the harm in allowing some airport employees to wear a simple mask and gloves if they desire? The usa didn’t (mostly) beat AIDS because some smart ass doctor found a cure. We beat AIDS because they told us the truth and people modified their behavior accordingly.

If world authorities want to have a crappy holiday season with airline cancellations, poor retail sales, no resort and casino trips, keep telling everyone half truths and lies. It would be better to hand everyone gloves, a dust mask, and a package of wipes and ask them to wipe the arm rest and tray before use, then deploy the seat liner. At least that way people could feel like they had a bit of control. Otherwise, if they continue to treat us all like stupid children many of us will cancel our plans, stay home, and scrub our own toilets instead. /edgar

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From [six reasons to panic]:

Not everyone is convinced that this Ebola isn’t airborne…
which means that healthcare workers should be wearing respirators, not face masks.

…even if this Ebola isn’t airborne right now, it might become so in the future. Viruses mutate and evolve in the wild…
In just the first six months of tracking the virus, the team identified more than 100 mutated forms of it.

Yet what’s really scary is how robust the already-established transmission mechanisms are. Have you ever wondered why Ebola protocols call for washing down infected surfaces with chlorine? Because the virus can survive for up to three weeks on a dry surface…

General infection rates are terrifying, too…


Do you really want to be scared? What’s to stop a jihadist from going to Liberia, getting himself infected, and then flying to New York and riding the subway until he keels over? This is just the biological warfare version of a suicide bomb. Can you imagine the consequences if someone with Ebola vomited in a New York City subway car?


…various state actors and the official health establishment have already been overwhelmed with infections in only the four-digit range. And if the four pillars—contact tracing, case isolation, safe burial, and effective public information—fail, no one seems to have even a theoretical plan for what to do.

It isn’t crazy to see how a health crisis could beget all sorts of other crises, from humanitarian, to economic, to political, to existential. If you think about Ebola and mutation and aerosolization and R0 for too long, you start to get visions of Mad Max…

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Ebola dominates my thoughts lately. Nothing else bothers me anymore. isis doesn’t scare me, a nice semi-quick decapitation doesn’t seem that bad right now. even the thought of being at ground zero during a full scale nuclear attack by crimea annexing russians doesn’t bother me the way it used to. Ebola, on the other hand, the hell with that action!

Somehow this fixation doesn’t seem likely to change anytime soon. The Thanksgiving Day prayer will go like this: Dear Lord, we thank you that none of us has Ebola – yet anyway… Christmas Eve we’ll all be singing: All I want for Christmas is a hazmat suit, a hazmat suit, a hazmat suit… All these years I have been dealing with the sure and certain knowledge that the globalists would make me destitute, or kill me, or even throw me into prison sans the soap on a rope. It never entered my mind how truly diabolical they are. They don’t just want to kill us, they want us to suffer in the most hideous fashion imaginable. Those maggots really are nothing but pure evil.

I hope this is one of those doom fads which will harmlessly pass, like Hale-Bopp, or Y2K, I really do. There have been a bunch of false few freakouts in the past. At the moment though that hope is just too hard to believe. Instead it will be like the exercise in exponential growth where you take a penny and double it every day for a month only in this case it will double every two weeks, with more sick people entering the country every day on top of that. My guess is there will be over a million ebola cases in the usa within three years, with the hospitals being hardest hit. Being probed to death by Hale-Bopp-following mothership aliens, while not a pleasant prospect, doesn’t seem that bad when compared with dying from Ebola. keep a low profile. /edgar

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And So IT Begins

from foxnews.com: A health care worker at a Dallas hospital tested positive for Ebola in a preliminary test, the Texas Department of State Health Services said in a statement early Sunday…

The hospital in Dallas where Duncan was treated is trashed. One patient cared for until death (imo again, everything i write is imo until further notice) is enough to trash any hospital. Even if they could safely clean up the mess after one patient, there is a number, which isn’t that large, that would certainly overwhelm their ability to contain the virus &/or the cost.  Eventually patients won’t come to be treated there anymore, or they will be turned away. Doctors and nurses will quit, at least the less daring ones will, then the hospital will go bankrupt.

The cdc & who (i erratically stopped using caps last year ee cummings style, get used to it) would have us believe that the (so far) 300 health care workers who got infected in west africa were stupid and didn’t (or couldn’t, due to conditions) follow protocols. (The rest finally wised up to their bs and ran away.) They would have us believe the spanish nurse had substandard equipment and made mistakes. whatever happens it is safe bet that the cdc and who will never admit that anything was their fault or that they have ever made a mistake. not that it matters, but clearly we are on our own as far as safeguards to our own health because the gubbermint doesn’t care one whit.

Any protocol which requires PERFECTION in imperfect world or else you become ebola’s next victim is one dorked up untenable arrangement. in other words even if they are right about transmission avenues, they are wrong about the necessary steps to stop it. that’s assuming that they do want to stop it and that economic concerns and political correctness are our only policy hurdles. of the two economic concerns don’t scare me as much because a ton of bricks is about to be dropped on the other side of the economic scale due to the imminent public panic. the pc thing will die harder and could cause millions of grisly usa deaths in the end tally.

the who and cdc are lying about some stuff on purpose, they are wrong about some stuff, and they are telling the truth about some stuff. i am watching for word whether any of duncan’s casual contacts come down with ebola. if not, the cdc may be correct when they say the hazard in the earlier stages of the disease isn’t quite as virulent as i initially feared. where they are surely lying is that hospitals can hospice victims unto death then safely deal with the aftermath. they can’t. the last few days of the patient’s life are the worst. they leave behind a plethora of ebola which cannot be contained and may even be airborne within a certain confined distance. everyone in africa knows that you don’t go to the hospital when you get sick anymore because of ebola. if they keep doing hospice in fancy (allegedly) sterile usa hospitals, they will ALL become the same way.

i hate it that ebola is already becoming a household word. i pick things up by the corner now and throw them away then wash my hands. yes, it is nothing but baseless paranoia. if something is germy i say “watch out for the ebola” or “the ebola is on that end of the dish towel”. This morning I was grinding coffee, spilled some of the grounds, then said “Oh man, i got ebola all over the place”. funny now, but i fear it won’t be funny for long. keep a low profile. /edgar

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