This sounds just like the US, doesn’t it?

Via Mammoth…

Rather than just taking in what the MSM feeds the masses, take a train ride and talk with ordinary folks.

“For eight years we had Putin, then Medvedev, and now Putin again. Who after that: Medvedev?” Alexander Yurov. “Well, this is what they’re getting from me,” he says, holding up his middle finger.
[We had bush 1, then the Clintons, then bush 2, then O-Scam-ya, and they all deserve the middle-finger salute.]

Conversations with people like Yurov, who plans to vote for Communist candidate Gennady Zyuganov, reveal the undercurrent of dissatisfaction across all layers of society and across Russia’s varied geography. In fact, many say the elites are Putin and his cronies.
[Kitty, you mentioned detecting some dissatisfaction at the hair-cutter last week, sounds like this?]

“All that matters for the government is what’s going on in Moscow and in St. Petersburg. As for the rest of the country, it can just deal with its own problems”
[All that matters with the US govt. is what’s going on with Wall St. & the Banks.]

“Everybody wants stability,” says businessman Andrei Khorashavin, traveling in first class. “I see Putin as the person that can guarantee that.”
[Of course Big Business & 1%’ers are perfectly happy with the status quo.]

The train stop at Gus-Khrustalny, some two hours train ride east of Moscow, demonstrates that although Russia has come far under Putin, it still is a country of marginal living for many. Women employed at the city’s glassware factory clamber aboard, prowling the corridors to try to sell stemware and trinkets they made in their spare time to try to supplement their wages.
[I’ve been there! They manufacture fine crystal in an old factory there. The workers receive part of their pay in cash and the rest of it in crystal – which they must then sell in order to convert into cash.]

In his four-berth second-class cabin, Fyodor Kolesnikov says Putin’s economic management is a recipe for disaster.
“The economy has gotten better, but that is only thanks to the oil,” he says.
[If you only look at the stock indexes & believe the ‘cooked’ employment reports, it looks like the US economy is also getting better.]

“We need somebody in this country that can take bold decisions, otherwise we are just going down the road of stagnation.”
[America also needs someone who can make decisions; haven’t had someone like that for a while.]

Despite all the criticism, the passengers on Train 109 agree with a degree of resignation that their next president will be Putin.
[O-Scam-ya will be re-elected, too.]

The train-riders liken the current government to a blood-sucking insect — but says any other government would probably be no better.
[Blood-sucking insect aptly describes the US govt., too.]

“The mosquitoes have had their fill,” he says, “but why invite new ones just so they can take their turn at sucking our blood too.”
[Better to deal with the devil you know, rather than the one that you don’t know. Americans are fvcked just like the Russians are.]


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28 Responses to This sounds just like the US, doesn’t it?

  1. Mammoth says:

    Thx for putting this post up.
    That moving picture on the previous one was unnerving.

  2. Kitty says:

    Brain freeze Mammoth!!!!

  3. Kitty says:

    One out of 10 Wall Street employees is a clinical psychopath, estimates Sherree DeCovny in CFA Magazine [pdf for purchase], compared with one out of 100 people in the general population.

  4. Mammoth says:

    As this thread focuses on the political, I just finished scanning a news article about mitt romney’s wisit to Washington State today.

    However, there was NOTHING of substance that was worth gleaning from the article to post here.
    Sorry, I tried.

  5. Len Brezhnev says:

    I stole this from one Faber’s recent market commentaries, its worth a read before you get all judgemental about Putin’s Russia, especially if you live in the USA

  6. Mammoth says:

    Mr. Leonid Brezhnev, rest assured I was not leveling judgement at Russia; on the contrary my point here was to compare just how similar Russia’s & the US’s situations are. I’ve been to Russia six times since 1995, know a bit about the culture and can speak the language (albeit not perfectly).

    Quite frankly, Hillary Clinton has a lot of nerve to criticize Russia, kind of like the pot calling the kettle black.

  7. gaw says:

    Hi all! Long time, no comment.
    Just too damn busy, I have a job where they actually want you to work about 50 hours a week. The economy may suck, but apparently somebody is buying something somewhere, it is crazy busy at my work at least. With a giant global corporation, we actually make product that is exported to China and sold for big money – how rare is that?

    I think the point of the above story is that Russia is a lot like many other countries. They have big problems, and few trust the central Government – not much unique there.

    As to Hilary Clinton, she probably does get some things right, by accident. As when I hear her making a speech on TV, I just want to vomit at her hypocrisy – hey, that sounds a lot like politicians everywhere.

  8. gaw says:

    Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum or Obama – now there is a trio of cretins to choose from.

    Or how about Newt (yuck). Even Paul, though he gets many things right, is still way off base on a lot of issues.

    Your choices are: bad, worse, or even worse. Take your pick.

    They say ” a nation gets the leaders they deserve” – I guess America doesn’t deserve much, then.

    To get even more depressed – 2016: Hilary vs Republican idiot – another set of bad choices.

    Hey, there is always 2020 – except Hilary will probably be on track for her 2nd term. OK, 2024 then.

    Forget I mentioned it.

  9. Kitty says:

    Hmm… Hillary? Knocked off by a black freshman senator??? She gonna be even more tired on the campaign trail next time…

  10. Kitty says:

    Banzai on a run…

  11. Mammoth says:

    Toss out three of the above four images and keep old Smokey’s.
    1. Yes, I should close out my BOA accounts and go someplace else.
    2. Already been minimizing this.
    3. Yep – payin’ down what I owe.
    4. I participate in my employer’s 401k plan, jut only putting in the minimum amt. needed to receive the maximum match from them.
    5. House is paid off, bitchez!
    6. Will get around to this one…sometime.

  12. Bukko Canukko says:

    Nice to see how perceptive Russians on a train can be (except for the guy in first class). Agreed that the U.S. and Russia are in the same boat. Except that Russian were better prepared for their collapse. The $64,000 question is — how does this play out? Where does it end? Can the current state of affairs go on forever?

    I don’t think so. Too many people are getting crushed, losing everything they had (or thought they had, because it was all “owned” on credit.) Will they get evicted and starve to death quietly, by the millions? Will they not notice that they’re getting screwed; just accept it as the normal state of affairs? I used to think not, but in contrast to the first sentence of this paragraph, part of me is not so sure. Lots of sheople will walk into the slaughterhouse, even though they can hear the bleating and see the rivulets of blood…

  13. Bukko Canukko says:

    Re: Hillary 2016 — she’ll be too old by then and I don’t think she wants it badly enough. Plus it’s too soon for Chelsea to assume the mantle of dynastic succession then. She’ll have to settle for a U.S. Senate seat from Arkansas or somewhere similar at that point. After Rombot v2.012 loses, the authoritarian faction of the U.S. populace will say the R’s were defeated because they did not nominate a TRUE conservative. So the fascists will back someone absolutely crazy, like Alan West (the black congressman from south Florida who was cashiered from the Army because his war crimes in Iraq were too brutal for eve the U.S. military.) That will leave the D’s free to put up a corporatist who’s even more right-wing than Hopey. And the U.S. will fall into anarchy before 2020 — I’m 50-50 that it doesn’t hold together without massive violence even until 2016 — so any long-term political forecasts are meaningless.

  14. Kitty says:

    Whoa Bukko… that is bleak…

  15. Mammoth says:

    IF you are lucky.

  16. Kitty says:

    Rinse, repeat!!!

  17. Kitty says:

    I guess this is how it works…

    Yemen has discovered oil, gas and gold, Sharaf said, declining to provide further details. The country may offer additional exploration rights for oil and gas resources in the next five years, he said.

    “Yemen needs 10 years of peace and stability to allow us to work and get our wealth of gas, oil and minerals. If the whole world helps Yemen to establish peace, security and stability at this critical time, this country can get a lot of oil and gas.”

  18. Kitty says:

    It lost it’s mother and is waiting patiently for her…

  19. Mammoth says:

    Caption for the photo at 7:34 p.m.:
    “Wow, she sure is pretty. Arrest her at once, and bring her to me.”

  20. Mammoth says:

    Optional caption for the photo at 7:34 p.m.:
    (from the general in the green uniform to teh person standing beside him)
    “Tell the idiot midget to turn the tripod around and stand on top of the box, so that he can look through the eyepiece instead of the lens.”

  21. Mammoth says:

    So ‘rash limburger’ actually apologized to Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown Law Student, after calling her a “slut” and a “prostitute” for her stance on a new insurance mandate that requires employers to cover the cost of contraception.

    Here’s why:
    Four sponsors severed ties with Rush Limbaugh’s radio show. National advertisers LegalZoom, Quicken Loans and Sleep Number along with West Coast ad buyer The Sleep Train announced this week they were pulling their advertisements.

    Ya didn’t think he would’ve admitted that he was out of line in making those comments if he wasn’t worried about the plug being pulled, right? It’s ALL about the money!

  22. Kitty says:

    Here is the goal… reduce size of police forces…

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